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About Me

Who I am

I am a Cape Town based photographer with a love for beautiful things and friendly people. My passion for photography has filtered through to all the aspects of my life.

With a background in interior design I realised that thinking in pictures comes naturally to me. The designer in me appreciates the beautiful things in life and that sets the foundation for me to document it all. That is what ignited my passion for photography.

People say I have a gift to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. I think it is because I get very excited when I see the beauty of the images in the moment and can’t help sharing my excitement. I have a positive attitude towards the world and I am always smiling.

My photography philosophy & style

I adore lifestyle photography, especially wedding photography. To me it’s all about capturing special moments between people.

The focus on my style is very much playing with natural light and creating a light, /bright image.

My Philosophy is seizing the special moments in life. Capturing history for generations to come and documenting every event so that each photo has the magic to be framed. A picture tells a story of a thousand words. It would be an honor for me to tell the story of your special day.

10 things i LOVE

  1. i LOVE interior design and decorating…as a qualified Interior Designer I have a fresh take through the lens.
  2. i LOVE being no stranger to the wedding industry…I designed wedding decor and flowers for 3 years.
  3. i LOVE traveling! No destination is too close or too far. I will gladly go where I haven’t gone before for your event!
  4. i LOVE the colour navy!
  5. i LOVE people of all ages, shapes and sizes.
  6. i LOVE drawing inspiration from everything around me.
  7. i LOVE road trips.
  8. i LOVE books and can comfortably call myself a book nerd.
  9. i LOVE motivational quotes to lift my spirits on Mondays.
  10. i LOVE doing something for the first time.

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